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22 String Trinity Harp Rosewood

Our Trinity Harp range has been created with the student harpist, beginner harpist, and hobbyist in mind. Developed and designed in our headquarters in Dublin Ireland. Each Celtic & Folk Irish Harp consists of a stunning handcrafted design, a hardwood frame made from a selection of hardwoods, a tonewood soundboard, nylon strings, quick-release levers, and durable tuning pins and bridge pins.
All Celtic harps range from 20 to 38 strings. The lever harp is ideal for learning on each lever is there to provide a semitone lift on each note (For example C to C #).

Our 22 String Trinity Harp has a light string gauge and the compact size makes it easily transported. This Irish Harp is durable, reliable, and affordable.

  • A brand new and high-quality harp
  • 22 hard nylon strings from DuPont
  • 22 sharpening levers
  • Strings are colored according to the notes for easy play
  • The body of this harp is made from solid Rosewood and the soundboard is made from Spruce wood
  • Frame is engraved with beautiful design
  • Height: with legs 46" (116.84 cm), without legs 35.5" (90.17 cm)
  • Stainless steel hardware is used on this harp
  • Note range: 5th Oct C to 2nd Oct C
  • Chromatic scale: C3-C6
  • 3 Octaves
  • Detachable Legs
  • Tuning tool and a padded gig bag included with this harp
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