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McHugh Ayra Harp 38 String Mahogany

Our beautiful Ayra harp is part of our newly developed McHugh range of Harps, created for the beginner to the advanced harpist. The design seated on the base of the soundboard has been inspired by the illustrations from the book of Kells. This harp has a solid flat base for balance and has been constructed with ergonomic considerations for you, the musician, with a curved soundbox and shoulder it rests comfortably while playing.

The McHugh range of Celtic Lever Harps use strong and durable hardwoods for the frame, beautiful rich tonewoods for the soundboard, medium gauged strings, and accurate levers which allow for warm, well-rounded playing tones from each of our harps. We pride ourselves as one of the most affordable Lever Harps for sale in Berlin Germany. We hope to encourage a new generation of harpist/harper, as well as enhance the options by providing an affordable option to get students started on their journey.

Our collection includes an array of sizes and shapes to cater to each individual taste.

  • 28 Hard nylon strings from DuPont
  • 10 Steel wound bass strings
  • 38 New Quick release levers
  • Solid Mahogany body
  • Solid Spruce soundboard
  • Round Back sound box
  • Comes with two sets of legs with different height adjustments. Harp can be adjusted to 50.5”, 54.5” and 56” height. Custom height can be achieved with custom made legs. Please contact us to place custom order.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Notes Range: 6th Oct F to 1st Oct A
  • Chromatic scale: F1 - A6
  • 5.2 Octaves
  • Tuning key and a padded gig bag are included with this harp
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