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Muzikkon Mandola

The Mandola falls into the mid category of the Mondolin Family, The mandola is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin: the four double courses of strings tuned in fifths to the same pitches as the viola, a fifth lower than a mandolin. Many folk tunings and scales can be reached with this very versatile instrument. Scale length of this mandola is 402mm. Top is made from solid spruce wood for good sound. Back, sides and neck of this instrument are made from solid maple wood. Fingerboard of this instrument is made from solid rosewood which has 20 steel frets on it.

  • Scale Length: 402mm
  • Top: solid spruce
  • Back: flat solid maple
  • Sides and Neck: Solid maple
  • Finger Board: Solid Rosewood featuring 20 Streel Frets
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